Shooting in Ukraine may also bring additional benefits
Rebates. Foreign producers may be refunded up to 25% percent of the cost of creating a film product in UkraineConcept and Script Development
VAT is excluded and should not be paid on all the services ordered by foreign producers in Ukraine
Crews and technicians. Highly qualified film professionals fluently speaking English work in Ukraine
Locations and stages. Ukraine’s locations are very diverse, filming may be held throughout all 4 seasons. A number of technologically equipped pavilions of various floor space and technical specifications
Ukraine is a Covid-Ready film industry. Medical Insurance (agreement with the leading clinic in the country), compulsory wearing of masks, limitation of number of people on set depending on Governmental requirements, sanitization stations, temperature checks etc. are provided
Ukraine is only 3 hrs away from main European cities. There is a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and other useful facilities to fit any taste and budget